Monday, October 29, 2018

Fire Blood by Elly Blake

Goodreads Summary:
All hail the Fire Queen.

Against all odds, Ruby has defeated the villainous Frost King and melted his throne of ice. But the bloodthirsty Minax that was trapped inside is now haunting her kingdom and everyone she loves. The answers to its demise may lie to the south in Sudesia, the land of the Firebloods, and a country that holds the secrets to Ruby’s powers and past…

Despite warnings from her beloved Arcus, Ruby accompanies a roguish Fireblood named Kai to Sudesia, where she must master her control of fire in a series of trials to gain the trust of the suspicious Fire Queen. Only then can she hope to access the knowledge that could defeat the rampaging Minax—which grows closer every moment. But as sparks fly in her moments alone with Kai, Ruby no longer knows whom to trust. The fates of two kingdoms are now in her hands.

My Review:
Fireblood picks up right after the first book. The Evil Frost King has been defeated and the ice throne melted. It did not come without consequences however. The Minax is now free, raking havoc across the kingdom. Ruby has not had it easy since the King died. She is still not accepted by the Frostbloods, even though Arcus cares for her deeply and has made that known. Then an attempt on her life is made during a gala and Arcus is gravely injured. Ruby fared much better against the rogue Frost bloods because of another Fireblood named Kai. Things are getting out of hand and the only way Ruby sees it getting better is if she goes with Kai to the land of Firebloods to find a way to kill a Minax. Will Ruby find the answers she is so desperate to find? Will returning to her people create even more turmoil for her? 

Arcus does not want Ruby to leave. He is injured and can't accompany her and really doesn't want her to go. She feels she is a burden on him and hindering his ability to rule because everyone hates her. I feel like she feels there is no other way out. They don't leave on great terms. Kai is dangerous to their relationship. Not only is he a Fireblood but, he is also a handsome flirt. He is drawn to Ruby, although I think he'd be drawn to any woman. Their relationship grows as well. The Queen has ulterior motives with Ruby and thinks Kai would be a good match for her. I personally love Arcus and to see Ruby pulling away from him was very hard for me. 

So much happens in this books. There are quite a few revelations that will change the course of everything in both kingdoms. A evil greater then any single frostblood or fireblood has been unleashed. The only way to defeat it will require two kingdoms to work together. This is no easy task. It will come down to whether or not Arcus can get everyone on the same page or else everyone will die. Can they do it?

I am almost done with Nightblood now and I am glad that these books were all out when I found this series. I can't wait to see how this one ends! So good!

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