Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Proposition Vol. 2 (18+ Series)

Goodreads Summary:
There's no doubt in my mind that Bryan Ferro is serious--if I don't sleep with him, he'll destroy me. Everything I've earned will be blown away like dust, and my life will no longer be my own. His demand for just one night rolls into days. He doesn't want me for a one-time fling, it's more than that.

But as I stand there, ready to tell him off, I hear it. The familiar sound, the hesitation, the slight hitch in his voice, and that's what forces me to my knees. It's not Neil, Maggie, or even the money--it's Bryan.

My Review:
Things pick up right where volume 1 left off. Hallie is still pretty shocked by the whole situation. After she leaves Bryan she feels like she can't go home to Neil. Which makes complete sense. I don't like him! So she goes to her friend Maggies. Which happens to be in a bad neighborhood and Hallie sees something she shouldn't have. This leaves Maggie and Hallie to flee the apartment and go back to Neil's. Where Neil is apologetic and all nice. I wanted to slap him. Then out of the blue, who shows up inside Neil's house??? BRYAN! I was like, hell yea! Come on in and get yours! You can tell that Hallie has serious feelings for Bryan still. She even admits it to herself. I know where I want this series to go already! Will I get it? I don't know. I don't think Bryan is going about this the right way if he wants Hallie back. Will Hallie find happiness with Neil or will she be pining for Bryan? What will her answer be?

Bryan reminds me a little of Sean...in a way. I think something broke him and he isn't quite healed. He isn't as hard as Sean though. He is able to be nice most of the time. He hides his true self. He has to have feelings for Hallie and he should have picked a better way to express them then blackmail...Anyway, I think something happened to him after him and Hallie were done. He seems tortured and the pain pills?? I see his secret being pretty big and I can't wait to find out what it is! 

Jon makes an appearance, which is great. Because, I love Jon! Almost more then Trystan but, not quite. Bryan is quickly becoming my #3 however. He is going to prove to be delicious and interesting all at the same time. I am loving where this is going and can't wait for volume 3!

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