Saturday, December 14, 2013

Darker Days by Jus Accardo

Goodreads Summary:
Jessie Darker goes to high school during the day, but at night she helps with the family investigation business. Cheating husbands and stolen inheritances? They’re your girls—but their specialty is a bit darker. Zombie in your garage? Pesky Poltergeist living in your pool? They’ll have the problem solved in a magical minute. For a nominal fee, of course...

When gorgeous new client, Lukas Scott, saunters into the office requesting their help to find a stolen box, it sounds like a simple case—until the truth comes out. The box is full of Sin.

Seven deadly ones, in fact.

They’ve got five days to recapture the Sins before they're recalled by the box, taking seven hijacked human bodies with them. Easy peasy—except for one thing...

There’s a spell that will allow the Sins to remain free, causing chaos forever. When the key ingredient threatens the life of someone she knows, Jessie must make the ultimate choice between love and family—or lose everything.

My Review:
Jessie Darker does not have a normal life. Underneath the average high school student is the girl who fights things that go bump in the night. Her mom wants her to have a semi-normal life but, that's kind of hard to do when your in their line of work. Luckily for Jessie, she actually likes what she does. Little does she know her life is about to change when Lukas Scott walks in. His request seems like it shouldn't be terrible to complete. However, it comes with consequences that neither Jessie nor her mom saw coming. Innocent lives are at risk and their time to complete the task is minimal. Will Jessie and her mom be able to get the Sins back in the box? 

Jessie and Lukas both have their secrets. Lukas struggles with his on almost a daily basis. It is hard for him to stay in control. When a ghost from his past turns up, things get crazy. Jessie does her best to have her life and work at the agency. I felt like she didn't really get to do a lot of things kids her age do. I mean the seven sins were on the loose which made things harder. She is surrounded by the supernatural. Despite her mom telling her to stay out of it Jessie inserts herself into investigation. This leads to some very dangerous situations. Especially since Jessie is developing feelings for Lukas...and his time is limited. 

I do love the dynamic between Lukas and Jessie. Lukas with his old fashion self and Jessie very upfront and different from what he is used to. They are so perfect for each other it hurts. Since their time is limited things heat up quick between them. I loved it!! They fell fast and hard for each other. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!

This was yet another great start to a new series. I have liked all the books by this author and intend to keep reading them. I hope I don't have to wait to long for the next one in this series!

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