Sunday, December 1, 2013

ARC Review of The Proposition by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:

My Review:
Well it's official, Hallie is probably my new favorite female lead! Her father has just passed away and she is suffering. She is kind of lost in the beginning of the story. Lost in sadness and depression over her loss. I don't blame her. I would feel the exact same way. Her boyfriend, Neil, is there for her and comforts her when she needs him. She ends up writing a book about an old flame to help her heal and kind of as therapy. When her friend comes over to hang out with her she asks Hallie about the book. Hallie is shocked, she never expected anyone to read it. She then gets calls from publishers who want to publish it. Apparently it has been blowing up the book community. Hallie gets insanely nervous about this because it is about Bryan Ferro. Yup, we get another Ferro!! And he is not happy about the book. It is pretty personal...and hot! What will he do about it? Will Hallie be willing to do it?

Hallie's boyfriend Neil starts out as a decent guy. He is the caring boyfriend and is there for Hallie. But, as soon as she is offered money for her book he pushes her to accept. He goes from pissed about what kind of stuff she wrote about to pushing her to publish it. When Bryan gives her the proposition it is Neil who tells her to do whatever he wants so he doesn't ruin her. I wanted to kick him in the downstairs!! Such a jerk. Ugh, how could you tell the "love of your life" to do that?! 

Bryan turns out to be a jerk towards Hallie. There is a good guy under all that anger. There is obviously unfinished business between those two. It comes out in waves of hotness! I am hoping things progress!!

I am really looking forward to see what happened with them in the past. I have a feeling it will be very interesting. I think we are going to see some serious hotness!!

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