Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ARC of The Arrangement #12 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:
***Warning Sexual Content***

There is so much blood that I can't think. The night goes from bliss to chaos in a matter of moments.As the truth begins to unravel, it's clear that I can't trust anyone, except Sean Ferro. The same man that threatens to destroy me could also be my salvation--and I could be his. 

My Review:
Holy Hotness!! This volume starts up as soon as 11 left off. We do get to find out who is dead on Sean's hotel room floor. This one is a crazy rollercoaster ride where we get to see all of our favorite characters. Peter, Sidney, Tristan, John, and Brian make an appearance! LOVED IT!! The way all these novella's intertwine is awesome. After Avery finally gets away from the hotel and makes it to the strip club where Sean wants to meet her, she gets a minute to relax and try to pull herself together. She has had a traumatic day. She gets time with Sidney and none other then Trystan Scott. I need his book like now. I'm going to lose it...seriously. We learn a lot of interesting things about our characters and what is going on. Avery's life is in danger. Someone wants her dead. Sean can only think of one way to help her.....Take her away. 

There are some seriously sexy scenes here. Like, move over Christen Grey and welcome Sean Ferro kind of hot. I'm sure people will wine about it but, I think it works for these characters. Avery isn't the little innocent person she used to be. And lets face it, Sean is not a vanilla type guy. Probably as opposite as you could get of that. My opinion, HELL YEA keep it coming! Anyway, there is still love and mushy stuff too so don't fret. 

Once again we are left with one crazy cliffhanger. I am always sad to see these end because I am dying for the next one. This is a fan driven series, if we want more the author gives us more which is awesome! Keep em' comin!

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