Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scandalous by Ella Steele (H.M. Ward)

Goodreads Summary:

Millionaire Jack Gray earned his fortune creating erotic art for a discerning clientele. He doesn’t use a brush to depict these hauntingly beautiful portraits—he uses bare skin. A sterling reputation is the only thing standing between Jack and poverty as he skirts the thin line between fine art and cheap sensationalism. To ensure that his character remains beyond reproach, an assistant observes his sessions.

While interviewing for a new assistant, Jack hears her voice—Abby Tyndale—the girl who got away. The last time Jack saw her was over a decade ago. After years of romantic tension she had nearly kissed him, but then disappeared without a trace. He hasn’t seen her since. Until now. When he learns that his lost love joined the clergy after she fled to West Texas, his heart sinks. She’s forbidden, forever set apart by her vows.

Jack’s life quickly spins out of control as Abby grows closer to him, and worsens when his client list is stolen. The financial blow alone is damning, but it’s the scandal brewing beneath the surface that he fears the most. Jack and Abby’s livelihoods rely on their reputations. A single scandal will destroy them both. While fearing a contrived scandal, they have courted a very real one as their romance reignites.

This erotic romance is an addictive tease that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

This is not a YA book and is intended for ADULT readers. 

My Review:
I love the cover! This was a very fast read. I read it very quickly. I was always wondering what was going to happen next. I figured something had to happen it was just to perfect. I like perfect :) But, there was definitely more then one scandal in this story. Abby was dealt a huge blow in her career that took her back to where her life started basically. What she did was viewed as bad however in my eyes it was the right thing to do. The whole church thing makes it a little controversial though. 

The relationship between Jack and Abby felt a little rushed but, their history makes it make more sense. They have quite the history between them. I loved the painting in the book. I could picture them in my mind when reading. Especially when he gave her the tour. The cover of the book is pretty much how I pictured the painting would look. Just saying. 

 The Scandal (if you will) was crazy! I felt so bad for Abby. Something like that could absolutely destroy anyone. The ending was perfect for their story :)

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