Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Arrangement Vol. 13 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:

My Review:
As soon as I think I know what is going on something happens and I get crazy slapped in the face with something new. I thought I knew Sean better, that these two might actually get something close to happily ever after. After Vol. 13 my mind has been blown and I have no idea what is truly going on. Everything went nuts after Sean and Avery were shot at. It didn't really slow down either. Sean started having flash backs of Amanda and his child's deaths. He isn't quite the same lovey dovey Sean as he was. Avery notices after a particularly scary sexual encounter. Something is wrong with Sean but, he won't talk about it. What will happen with these two? The bomb that Miss Black drops is huge. I mean HUGE! Things are about to change and I don't think Avery will like it. 

These two continue to have a very sexually heated relationship. I think Sean uses it to distract Avery when he doesn't want to talk. Which he does throughout this volume. They love each other. but, when Miss Black steps in and drops her bomb I wanted nothing more then to kick Sean square in the balls numerous times. He has some explaining to do and he may not get a chance now. 

This was probably the biggest cliffhanger yet in this series. For me anyway. I just can't believe it. Seriously! I am glad we get to see Mari, from the Trystan Scott series, she is pretty awesome. It makes me even more excited for her and Trystans book!

Miss Black walks in...

Miss Black drops her HUGE bomb

After my mind processes...

What I now want to do to Sean!!


  1. I'm behind... I'm just starting 11 today.

  2. So freaking true I was like WTF Sean seriously MORE FREAKING SECRETS! Miss Black you have to admit is freaking scary! So dead on with the sex thing and I'm kind of wondering what happened to Sean in the box. Kind of sad that Sean yet again pushes Avery away and now we're left hanging. So happy to see Mari especially since there are now more and more clues about what happened between Mari and Trystan. Can't wait for Broken Promises and I LOVED seeing Bryan again in this. Yippee great review I am dying for more and hopefully these cliffhangers won't give me a heart attack!

    1. I completely agree with everything you said!