Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hooked by K.C. Falls (18+ Review)

Goodreads Summary:
Morgan Wolf is a complicated man living an uncomplicated life on a mega yacht he doesn’t own. He lets women believe what they think they see. It’s easier that way. No woman would want the truth he’s never shared. 

Lara Lamb is sailing away from what she thought she wanted. Because she wanted the wrong things and always for the wrong reason. 

Lara sees Morgan for what he is: a rich, shallow Peter Pan who happens to have a cute monkey. Trouble is she’s only right about the monkey. 

She’s everything Morgan never wanted. She makes the easy way look like the coward’s way. Ready to take the chance, Morgan struggles with how to let Lara closer than anyone’s ever been. Will his unspeakable wounds be too deep for her to bear?

My Review:
I am so glad I was approached to review this book. I was so absorbed into the story. Lara was a character I think we can all relate to. She is a chef who left her job at a restaurant because her boss was an ass. She took a job on a yacht, which is completely not what she expected to do. But, she needed something different to lift her spirits. It started of ok, Morgan her boss, was a bit cold. She however felt something toward him. Lara falls into her routine of cooking for a ship and a boss who is insanely picky, in a healthy way. She gets along great with the captain, Richard. Things between Lara and Morgan heat up. They have a couple hot encounters. Some that involved Morgan and a couple ladies. Lara knows Morgan is a rich player who gets what he wants but, she isn’t going to just hand anything over. Can she figure out her new boss? Will she fall for him? 

My favorite character was Mrs. D. I totally want a pet monkey! She was awesome!! The way she was with Morgan was sweet. We get both POV’s in the book, Lara and Morgan. So we get to know both of them. Morgan hasn’t had a particularly easy life. He has his demons to deal with. He doesn’t open up about them to anyone.  Lara however, is getting close to breaking his cold exterior. 

These two are pretty hot as a couple, so much sexual tension. I don’t’ know how they survived each other honestly. Hot and cold explains it pretty well. Things get kind of awkward after one of their encounters and then some pretty serious things happen. Lives are changed and secrets slip. 

Will these two have a future beyond secret rendezvous? You’ll have to read it! I am so excited to get my hands on the sequel. I read this one in about 2 days. After the dangerous and life threatening events of the first one, I need to know what’s going to happen for these two! Needless to say book 2 has been purchased!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. There's nothing that makes an author happier than to know her work speaks to a reader. I'm so glad you enjoyed Hooked! K.C.