Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Infernal Detective by Kirsten Weiss

Goodreads Summary:
When Riga Hayworth finds a dead body in her bedroom a week before her wedding, it’s par for the course. When the corpse drives off with her fiancée… That’s a problem.

Riga knows dead. More intimately than she’d like. So when a murdered photographer gets up and walks away, she’s believes there’s necromancy afoot. And when she discovers that several of her wedding guests are under the influence of dark magic, she’s certain. But how can she catch a killer and stop a necromancer when even her nearest and dearest are lying to her?

Murder. The undead. Irritating relatives. The Infernal Detective is a fast-paced, paranormal mystery, where nothing is quite as it seems, and magic lies just beyond the veil.

My Review:
I really enjoy a good murder mystery and then add it a little paranormal and you have my cup of tea. The Infernal Detective was gifted to me by the author in exchange for a honest review. This is book 4 in a the Riga Haywroth Series but, it can be read as a stand alone. I will probably be adding the rest of the books to my TBR list because this one was such a fun read. Riga is not your average PI. She is also a witch! Which makes it all the more fun. She had a great personality which kept me interested in her as a character. Riga is getting married to a man named Donovan. Her pre-wedding party however, does not go as planned. Dead bodies and missing fiancees lead to a very interesting story! Get ready for a roller coaster of paranormal people! Ghosts, witches, necromancers and more. 

Riga's aunts were probably my favorite characters. They were very fun to read about. I feel like all the characters could be regular people. Like possibly my neighbors haha. I love when characters seem like they can be real. It's a mark of great writing. Even with great people around her, secrets are being kept and she doesn't know who to trust. And we can't forge the Mob Boss! Will Riga figure out what is going on? 

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys murder with paranormal elements. I loved the language of the book. I have clearly not read an adult book for a while! 

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