Monday, September 16, 2013

Arcadia's Curse by Jesi Lea Ryan

Goodreads Summary:
Think high school sucks? Try being an empath who has to experience everyone else’s suckage on top of your own. (Literally.) 

In the months since her family life imploded and her psychic gifts began to arise, Cady has struggled to figure out how she can fit into her normal life without going crazy from the constant presence of emotional energy. Her grades have tanked. Her best friend is afraid of her. And she begins to have doubts about why her boyfriend, Bryan, is really keeping her around. But a chance meeting with another gifted girl online opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Unfortunately, this new world comes at an awful price. 

My Review:
I was so excited when I got the chance to review Arcadia's Curse. I really enjoyed the first book and was excited to see what was going to happen next for Arcadia. This book starts off after the fist one left off. Cady is still trying to get her empath gift under control. Her grades are slipping and things with Bryan are kind of complicated. Her ability to heal people leaves her with migraines and drains her of energy. She can't take it anymore and wants to quit school. She finds some peace when she sleeps and a new friend of hers visits her in her dreams. Things for Cady are about to change drastically. Her life will be forever different. Relationships changed. Will Cady ever get her gift under control? Will her life ever be normal?

Cady gets the opportunity to go to a new "school" if you will. A place where people with gifts like her learn how to control them and block out feelings. It also does work with the government. To help them catch bady guys while using their gifts. In order to do this Cady has to tell her dad about her gift. This doesn't go ever well at first but, he will come around. We get some new characters in this one! Dr. Helbo that helps her with her gift, Alejandra who is a dream walker, and Bastian who can move things with his mind. Cady decides to give this program a try. Its a huge decision to make. To leave everyone she cares about and be hours away. Will this make a difference for Cady? Or will it give Cady more problems? 

Now to the guys! Cady is still with Bryan. She has really strong feelings for him. I really liked him in the fist book but, less in the second. I really felt like he used Cady as an excuse to do dangerous thing because she could heal him. Without thinking about how much it affected her physically. Cane is still around and has feelings for Cady however Cady does not feel the same. I think there is something going on with Cane. I can't put my finger on it but, something isn't right. I could be completely wrong though haha! Bastian is a whole other story. Cady claims numerous times there are no romantic feelings there but, I kind of wish there were. I like Bastian. I think he can relate so much more to Cady's situation then the other guys. 

I loved this book. This is what a sequel done right is suppose to be. Amazing characters and great story line. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. So many crazy things happen toward the end of the book. Cady has changed and she now knows more about her gifts and what she is truly capable of. I am so excited to see where book 3 will take us!

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! Glad you liked it. :)