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ARC Review of Endless by Jessica Shirvington

Goodreads Summary:

Violet Eden thought she was getting things under control. Then all hell breaks loose-literally. In the war between angels and exiles, she's about to face the biggest baddie of all time. Except she's not nearly ready. 

The dark exile Phoenix is still messing with her head-not to mention her heart. And her undeniable attraction to Lincoln has gotten downright dangerous. When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it. But death is not the worst thing she will face...

About the Series and the Author
Violet Eden’s world is about to go to straight to hell.
With its combination of high-adrenaline storytelling, engrossing character development, and a richly imagined mythology, the EMBRACE series has won legions of fans, critical acclaim, and has led to its adaptation into a television series with the CW Network, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and CBS Television Studios.

Jessica Shirvington’s ground breaking EMBRACE series continues with ENDLESS pitting the half-angel Violet Eden against the forces of Hell itself. Violet thought she was finally getting things under control: she has her mother back. But when children in New York City start to go missing, Violet is the only one who can get to the heart of the truth.
Then all hell breaks loose—literally. In the war between angels and exiles, she’s about to face the biggest bad of all time.  And to make matters worse, dark exile Phoenix is still messing with her head and her heart, and her attraction to fellow half-angel Lincoln has gotten downright dangerous. When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it. But death is not the worst thing she will face…

Jessica Shirvington lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband of ten years, FOXTEL presenter and former Olympic sprinter Matt Shirvington, and their two daughters. She has previously founded and run a coffee distribution company and been involved in managing the restaurants. A finalist for Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun, Fearless Female award, Jessica is currently a full-time mom, author and co-director of an investment company.

My Review:
I am in love with this series. Seriously. When I was approved for an ARC I literally jumped up and down. This series gets better and better with each book. This one was by far my favorite. Endless picks up where the previous book left off. Violet's mom is back in the picture and they have to figure out a way to live as a family. Oh yea, and Phoenix and Lilith are loose to reap havoc on the world. After getting everyone together they try to find a way to kill Lilith. Violet's mom brings a lot of very helpful information to the table about how she rid the world of Lilith before. The only of the ingredients is not around anymore. To make matters worse Lilith is abducting children and plans to kill them. Yup...children. Violets feelings for Lincoln are also getting harder to control. They are soul mates after all. Things for Violet also change when she has to perform in front of the Academy to prove herself to the Grigori Counsel. Will Violet be able to stop Lilith and at what cost? 

Violet has grown so much throughout this series. I feel like she has really come into her own. She is a fierce warrior who is strong and able to do so much. She learns to deal with her Mom and I hope their relationship continues to grow. So many things happened during Endless that caused Violet to learn more about herself and her powers. There is more then meets the eye with her that's for sure. Unfortunately nothing can prepare Violet for what is to come. She will never be the same. The thing that she goes through...the price she pays...I don't know how you come back from it. 

Violet and Lincoln are the most heartbreaking couple I have read about. Two people who love each other so much but, can't be together. I don't know how they do it. Sometimes their defenses slip and their real emotions come through. There are some pretty hot moments between them. However, they always put their shields up to prevent things from going further. I want these two to be together forever so bad! Worse then any other couple in any series I have read!!! When it comes to Phoenix, I don't hate him as much anymore.You'll have to read to find out why. 

I love this series. It is one of my favorites. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. This story is so perfect and so is the writing. The ending left me in tears. Like terrible ugly crying. I need to know what is going to happen in the next book!!! Like seriously...NEED TO KNOW!  

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