Sunday, July 14, 2013

15 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 7

So I came across this on some other blogs today and was like "I am so doing this!" The 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge was created by April at Good Books, Good Wine. This was a super creative idea and I fully intend to have fun with it! Here is the link to her Day 1 post: Day 1 Post Link

Talk about your blogging quirks.
  • I try to do numerous posts a week. Sometimes however  I don't have enough time to get a lot of reading done. So there's that. 
  • I always post new posts at 2 am. That way the emails go out to my subscribers by afternoon.  Any yes, I do subscribe to my own blog so I know when emails go out.
  • I have a pretty straight forward set up for my reviews. I start with  a quick overview, then talk about the secondary characters, then the love interests, and then the conclusion. 
  • I try not to use bad words when I do reviews. There are times when I just cant help it though. Sometimes I am so worked up I have to do it. I review a lot of YA so I try not to go crazy. 
  • I always do reviews right after I finish a book. That way I don't forget anything I want to say. I bookmark stuff on my Kindle to use or quote in my reviews. 
  • I love using those moving picture things in my posts. I'm sure they have an actual name but, I don't know what it is. I find them hilarious! 
  • I don't read books that don't interest me. There have only been a handful of books I have given negative reviews or flat out did not finish. I have far to many books that I want to read to waste time reading stuff I don't want to read. 


  1. I completely agree with your last one! I don't usually finish books I'm not enjoying. Life is way too short! I wish that I wrote reviews as soon as I finished, but I tend to procrastinate and wait until the very last minute to finish them. Great post!

  2. LOL! I think they are called GIFS. I'm starting to use them too.