Thursday, July 11, 2013

15 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 4

So I came across this on some other blogs today and was like "I am so doing this!" The 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge was created by April at Good Books, Good Wine. This was a super creative idea and I fully intend to have fun with it! Here is the link to her Day 1 post: Day 1 Post Link

What's the last book you flung across the room?

  • Well, I do almost all of my reading on my Kindle and I love it to much to throw it or drop it or hug it to tight. If I had been reading books instead of on my Kindle I would have to say The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa. Now hold on, it's not because it was bad! It's because of the giant cliffhanger ending. I cried a the end and then it ended like that!!! Seriously, I was mad for like 2 days. I frequently yell and get mad at TV shows when they end like that too....Game of Thrones!!! 


  1. I will usually stop reading a series if they end on a cliffhanger, so it says EVERYTHING about how much I love this series that I'm sticking with it. I get really frustrated with cliffhangers too and that is what most of my answer talked about.

  2. I HATE cliffhangers. I once wanted to stop reading one of my favorite series because the first one ended with one. So glad I didn't give up on it!

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  3. I don't really mind cliffhangers, but it's better if it's a series that has been out for awhile and I already have the next book.

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  4. I know exactly what you mean - loved The Eternity Cure but the cliffhanger was just too much!

  5. I've just finished The Immortal Rules a few weeks ago and I got a hardcopy of The Eternity Cure as a giveaway win so I'm so excited to pick it up, this post has gotten me even more excited!!!

    Day 3 & 4 Blogger Challenge