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Time To Melt the Ice Assassins Hockey Hop!!

Yay! They are getting re-released today!! You guys this is seriously one of the best adult romance books I have ever read. I was lucky enough to get to read the new released ARC books. I fell in love with them even more. The stories are simply amazing and the romance scenes are a perfect blend of hot and romantic. All the main female characters are written in a way that they could be you or me. I could gush about these books for hours! So here's whats up today. I have my new updated reviews below of the series and Rafflecopter giveaway being put on by the hosts for the hop. Some serious prizes are up for grabs!! Also at the end are the links for other blogs taking part int he hop!

The next book in the series, Blue Lines, has a cover reveal tomorrow!! Which I will be doing on the blog tomorrow. So stop back to get a peek at it!

It's hard to explain how I felt while reading these books. So I figured I would use pictures because it's easier and fun!
Here we go!
Intense Joy...

 There's no way that just happened!...

I still can't get over what just happened!...

Intense unattractive crying fits...



Ok that was actually really fun haha! Now on to my reviews!!

In Toni Aleo’s exhilarating debut, the first in a series featuring the hockey hunks of the Nashville Assassins, a reformed bad boy helps a charming, willful woman face off against the demons of her past.

No matter how hard she tries, Eleanor Fisher never thinks she’s good enough, from her job to her weight to her love life. After enduring years of abuse at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, Elli has been drifting through life in a daze. Until, that is, she meets Shea Adler on a promotional shoot for the NHL’s Nashville Assassins. Before Elli knows what’s happening, the gorgeous Shea breaks the ice and shatters her world.

A brilliant athlete inside the rink, Shea Adler is tired of the life he’s living outside of it: the girls, the money, the drinking. But everything changes when he meets Elli. After laying eyes on this feisty, witty, beautiful woman, he feels like he’s just taken the hardest hit of his life. No matter how skeptical she is, Shea knows they are meant to be together—if only he can convince Elli to put her insecurities aside throw her insecurities out the window before she misses out on a shot at love.

My Review:
Reading this one again was just as amazing as the first time I read it. Once I got it in my hands, I couldn't put this book down. I know its completely different from my usual paranormal books but, I LOVE hockey! How could I not read a romance book that involved hockey! I stayed up way to late before going to work to read this book and it was worth it. I felt so much for Elli. Her story was heart braking. The way she struggled with her insecurities and had a hard time showing herself to Shea. It was like reading about myself! Minus the super hot hockey player romance part haha. I felt so connected to Elli and I had to know what happened. I wanted her to be happy.

I was cheering for her through the whole book. She was an amazing women with great business sense. Her photography business is going great and it is what introduced her to Shea. Elli is a tentative yet confident at the same time. She has some body issues but, I think we all do. I think I would have reacted the same way she did with Shea. Being all nervous. Her family didn't help at all. Ugh, they were awful! Except her Dad. I am a huge fan of hockey so I related to her with that aspect of her life as well. Hockey was huge and she would be super fun to go to a game with. 

Shea is the perfect specimen of man. Seriously, if there were like a million of him there would be way more successful relationships in this world. There were parts that left me wanting to jump through the pages and slap Elli. Like "Stop using your head and use your heart woman!!" I loved how it went back and forth between Elli and Shea's point of views to so you could see what was going on between from both points of view. They were an insanely cute couple. The romance between them is sizzling hot! The sexual scenes are written with taste and it made the book amazing!!

This has become one of my favorite series! Like in the top 5. If you haven't read this series you have to!! I found myself completely in love with Shea again. This is a book that I could read over and over again and love it every time!! Pick it up people!! 

In a captivating novel of hockey and healing hearts, the newest member of the Nashville Assassins pulls a power play to make things right with the one that got away.

Fallon Parker’s dream has always been to turn her family’s wine company into a runaway success and eventually to start a cellar of her own. Since graduating from college, she has worked relentlessly to make that dream a reality, especially after taking a chance on love—and losing. By the time Fallon becomes an official sponsor of the Nashville Assassins, she feels like all her hard work is finally paying off. And then the man who broke her heart skates back into her life.

On the ice, Lucas Brooks is the NHL’s leading scorer—at least when he’s not in the box. Off the ice, he’s a mess, with all his anger and misery bottled up inside. He threw away the most important person in his life and has regretted it ever since. But when Lucas returns to Nashville in a trade, he’s determined to convince Fallon that he’s a changed man. The attraction is still there. The tension is electrifying. But the odds are stacked against them—especially after Lucas finds out that Fallon has been keeping a devastating secret.

My Review:
Fallon's story was so different from Elli's but, I still felt connected to her! She was an amazing person and someone to look up to. I'm so glad that we still go to see Shea and Elli too. It was great how everyone kind of interacted. It's a more real life romance rather then a crazy one. It didn't start out as anything I thought it would. Fallon has a broken heart in the beginning and someone from her past is coming back into her life. Which turns her life upside down. She has a huge secret, one that is a life changer. Her past kind of messed her up a little bit. She is sporting a serioulsy broken heart that, over the years, has never healed. Aiden has helped heal her heart and he is adorable! 

Fallon has a good job and her sister Audrey lives with her. I love Audrey she is an awesome sister and a great addition to the story.  She seems like an awesome sister! Her and Fallon have such an awesome relationship. I have never had a sister but, if I did I would want her to be like her. An honest yet supportive person. I actually got teary a few times while reading. I blame the sweetness/cuteness of Aidan! He was probably one of my favorite characters!

Fallon's family seems to be pretty strict. Kind of old fashion and concerned with appearances. Fallon works at the family wine business. She LOVES wine and therefore loves her job. She is trying to sophisticate hockey by having a wine place at the arena. I personally love the idea! Her life goes a little nuts when a blast from the past is back in her life. 

Lucas is not your typical hero male hero in this romance. He has some issues and kind of a rocky past. I kind of felt bad for him throughout this book. But I also saw the situation from Fallon's point of view too. They both had valid points. He was so sweet to her even when Fallon wasn't easy to handle. She didn't want to open her heart to him again after he broke her. He does some great things trying to amend the situation. Will Fallon's secrets keep them apart or bring them together???

I need to read this book. I can't wait to read about Audrey's story. It should be awesome. If its possible to love Lucas and Shea at the same time then I am totally doing it! Read this series people!!

The chiseled men of the Nashville Assassins can make anything happen when they go all-out for the women they want—even turn a one-night stand into a happily ever after.

Audrey Parker is up against the boards. She’s stuck in a job she hates and pining for a total jerk. Meanwhile, her sister Fallon is moving out and getting married to hockey star Lucas Brooks. Where is Audrey’s Prince Charming? Nothing she does has ever seemed to be good enough for any of the men in her life. Audrey’s about to hit rock bottom . . . until she wakes up next to Tate Odder.

The thrill of moving up from the minors to the Nashville Assassins was a welcome distraction. But not even becoming the first rookie goalie to tally three shutouts in the Stanley Cup Finals alleviates the pain. With the loss of his parents and sister weighing as heavily on his soul as ever, Tate Odder can’t keep pretending he’s okay. That’s when he meets smart, sexy Audrey. Her gentle warmth and quirky sense of humor make him feel whole for the first time in too long. But to stay that way forever, Tate must find a way to accept his past and learn to live for love.

My Review:
First thing I have to say is I LOVE TATE! Seriously, he is my favorite. I read it in 2 days and was up into the wee hours of the night to finish it. I. Could. Not. Stop. I was really excited to get to see Audrey’s story! With all the craziness between her and Levi I had to know what happened. Empty Net was a rollercoaster of emotions. I went from giggling to crying to being so touched that I had to stop reading! My heart ached for Audrey. She kind of got screwed. Having to deal with Fallon’s wedding to the perfect man and not having a good relationship herself. I think all women can relate to her protecting her heart and worrying about being hurt again.  I really connected with Audrey. She was such an awesome character as were all of my favorites who made appearances. I LOVED the mentions of Temple Run and Storage Wars! I have Temple Run competitions with my husband and we watch the shows mentioned in the book! It just made the connection with the characters much more. 

Audrey is looking for her happily ever after like Fallon has. She has always dated kind of assholes of men. She kind of does this on purpose. She considers herself defective and doesn't want to chance a guy loving her then finding out. Another real life element thrown into the story. She is also quite depressed I think. I blame Levi's jerkyness. She is an amazing cupcake maker. Everyone loves her cupcakes and Tate tries to get her to see that she could do this for a living. She hates working for the family business. Audrey has a lot going for her she just doesn't see it.  I was desperate for her to get her happily ever after. 

Down to the lovely men in the story! Lucas was amazing as usual! I hate Levi. I wanted to punch his sorry face in for most of the story. He’s just a nasty piece of crap! I was like “Audrey don’t text him back! Don’t call him!! NOOOO!!!” I guess I didn’t like him in book 2 either. Now on to my newest fantasy man TATE! Holy crap on a cracker is he delicious! Men with an accent are like sex on a stick! I wanted them to get together so bad!! Every time they would flirt I was melting! They were absolutely adorable when they were together. I loved the scenes where Tate was in the net too. I miss hockey and it’s nice to have that kind of action mixed in. And from a Goalie’s perspective is completely unique to any other player. Men like Tate Odder are one of a kind. Will Audrey be able to look past her insecurities and finally be happy??  

They both have secrets however, that could tear them apart. Are they willing to look past the age difference and the secrets??? I will not tell! You have to read the book! You will not be disappointed! I am so excited to see what happens with Blue Lines. Piper’s story should prove to be very interesting! Empty Net ended and I was like “Noooooo!” I need to know what is going to happen. I feel like I have become very invested with these characters and am hooked, which basically means I will read anything Toni Aleo writes. Well done! Amazing book! I only go as high as 5 stars on my blog but, I would give it 10 if I could!

Author Bio
My name is Toni Aleo!
(and I’m a total dork!)
I am a wife, mother of two and a bulldog, and also a hopeless romantic.
I have been told I have anger issues, but I think it’s cause of my intense love for hockey!
I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!
When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughter’s dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and reading the latest romance novel.
I have a slight Disney and Harry Potter obsession, I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, I might have been a Disney Princess in a past life…probably Belle, and did I mention I love hockey?
I hope to hear from you on here, my Facebook, or my twitter! Thank you so much!

This is truly an awesome series that I recommend you all go out and read. You don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy it. And to the Toni Aleo, you write amazing books! Keep them coming! And...

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