Saturday, February 23, 2013

ARC of Submerged by Nicole Sobon

Goodreads Summary:

After a mysterious virus makes its way into the United States, the government demands that states seal themselves off from one another and do their best to protect their surviving residents. When the state of Florida is bordered off from the surrounding states, Taylen Fincher, a seventeen-year-old girl with a yearning for her former life finds herself wondering how much of what they’ve been told is true.

When Troum took control of the state, he told the residents that the other states had fallen to the virus and that he wouldn’t allow the same thing to happen to them. But Taylen doesn’t believe it. She insists that there is still life outside of the state, and she is going to do whatever it takes to prove it… but her actions will cost her more than she ever expected.

Troum kidnaps Taylen’s sister, Penelope, in hopes of coaxing her into behaving – into being a submissive resident, much like the others. But Taylen isn’t one to give in that easily.

Eager to rescue her sister, Taylen will set out on an adventure that’ll force her to open her heart to the unexpected and to uncover secrets that will change everything.

SUBMERGED is the first book in a YA dystopian duology.

My Review:
I was given an ARC copy of this book. I absolutely loooove the cover! It is so awesome. I am drawn to awesome covers, what can I say. Being a nurse, whenever something is about a virus that kills most of mankind I am instantly drawn in. Taylen is left in a "city" in the aftermath of the virus. The city is divided into sectors. Taylen is lucky enough to live in the family sector. Which is not great but, it's better then the Widowed and Homeless sectors. She is a fiery red head who doesn't like to follow their leader, Troum's, rules. This gets her family in a lot of trouble. They take her sister from her to get her away from her bad influence. Taylen tries to get her sister back and then ends up getting a kill order placed on her. She escapes the Family sector and is forced to hide and run from everything she knows. Luckily she has help from a lovely guy named Glate. Taylen is on a run for her life and trying to rescue her sister. She ends up trusting people that she shouldn't and it ends up turning out badly for her. Taylen is running for her life and she can trust no one. Will she be able to rescue her sister? Will this mysterious flood ever happen? 

Glate is your all around super helpful hot guy. He runs into Taylen when she is attempting to escape. He has been through the sectors before and has insider knowledge of how to manage through the sectors. He is very helpful given Taylen's situation. They soon develop some feelings for each other! I know there always has to be some romance in high stress situations. When it doubt make out! Anyway, they have a few stolen moments with each other. It fit the story well and I love Glate. There is also another potential love interest, Lex. He is Taylen's childhood friend. He also helps Taylen escape and throughout the story however, there are other events taking on behind the scenes with him that Taylen doesn't know about. I felt so bad for her. It seems like everyone around her was keeping something from her. That she couldn't really trust anyone. Even though she was surrounded by people but, not really knowing who you can trust. 

This story was full of ups and downs. There was a lot of action and enough going on in the plot to keep you interested. I am excited to see what happens next with this one! I am also a little attached to Glate and am hoping we get to see more of him!

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  1. SO the cover of this one caught my eye and then I seen it was on your blog so I HAD to stop by!!! I'm totally interested from the description and the your review hooked me!! I will be getting my hands on this one I hope :) Great Review