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Lover Revealed by JR Ward

Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4)
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Butch O'Neal is a fighter by nature. A hard-living ex-homicide cop, he's the only human ever to be allowed in the inner circle of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world-to engage in the turf war with the lessers. His heart belongs to a female vampire, Marissa, an aristocratic beauty who's way out of his league. And if he can't have her, then at least he can fight side by side with the Brothers.

But fate curses him with the very thing he wants. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. Left for dead, he's found by a miracle, and the Brotherhood calls on Marissa to bring him back, though even her love may not be enough to save him.

I have read the other three books in this series but, I figured I would start with this one since it was the first one I read in 2012. I really enjoyed the first three books and found that Butch's story was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was worried that the human Butch would not be much fun to read about. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and found that I enjoyed Butch quite a lot.

Butch is a pretty decent guy despite how he came off in book one and two. He cares so much for Marissa and its to bad they had such a hard time with their relationship in this book. However messy it was it ended quite well.

I know there is a lot of crude language in this book and some scenes are very racy! But, I was able to look past that. I know that there are a lot of readers out there that can not. I would probably put an age limit on it however. Not really a teen series haha.

Butches character developed a lot during this book. His relationship with the brothers grew stronger especially when he became one of the brothers. I did honestly know by like halfway through the book know that he was going to become a vampire. I saw it coming by the end of the third book. It did however work with this story.

Overall: I really enjoyed this book. I would say I liked the first three a little better which is why I gave this book 4 stars. The characters were developed well and the brothers were well....the brothers.

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