Sunday, January 15, 2012

Doomed (Ancient Legend 2) by Jayde Scott

Goodreads Summary:
Enter a paranormal world of dark magic, rituals, love bonds and legends…

Fallen angel Cassandra wasn't supposed to fall in love with Dallas. It should've been just a bit of fun she couldn't resist. The bond they share could save her from her curse before she's forever bound to Hell. Trouble is, she's Lucifer's daughter and Dallas is mortal, and mortals don't survive in Cass's world. When strange things are starting to happen in Hell, Cass knows she must protect Dallas at all costs because where Cass comes from, losing one's twin flame is a fate worse than death...

Will chaos-loving Cassandra find a way to sway her immortal family in time with a revengeful killer wracking havoc in Hell in her quest to get the one thing half the paranormal world desires?

DOOMED (first edition titled BEELZEBUB GIRL) is the second book in the Ancient Legends series by Jayde Scott.

My Review:
Like book 1 of this series I read Doomed within a couple of days of purchasing it. This book follows the story of Cass and Dallas. Who are also a bonded couple! I enjoyed Cass in the first book because of her wit and humorous character, which continued in Doomed. She’s just a fun character with a snarky personality and I love it. The trouble is Dallas is human and if he dies that would leave Cass a monster feeding on death and pain. So when your mortal boyfriend needs protection where do you go? Well Hell of course! The description of this hot spot is done very well! And lets just say the boss of down below is not depicted as you may think.

Cass and Dallas’s relationship moves pretty fast but, for good reason. Cass needs commitment! Even though the only knew each other for a short time they would do anything for each other. As well as being like an old married couple sometimes. Even though they are bonded like Amber and Aiden their relationship is still different which is nice. Oh yea, and Amber and Aiden are still in this book too! The whole group is back in full force which is awesome because I loved all the characters in these books~! The cliffhanger and the end will leave you shocked and anxiously waiting to find out what happens! I would give this book 5 stars as well and would highly recommend this series! 

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