Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shearwater Part One by D.S. Murphy

Goodreads Summary:
After her parent's accident, Clara is shipped off to live with a grandfather she never knew, in a town she can't pronounce. In Ireland, she soon discovers that her mother's secret past is filled with tragedy. Trying to track down the truth, she begins going through changes of her own, until she's not sure just who - or what - she is anymore. 

Then she meets the mysterious Sebastian, who won't leave her alone, and Ethan, who apparently can't stand to be near her. Both of them seem to have supernatural powers, and she's not quite sure whether they want to kill her or kiss her. Just when things are getting interesting, someone attacks her, and she gets a revelation that destroys everything she thought she knew about the world, humanity, and herself. 

My Review:
This was a very fun read! I whipped through this book in a couple days. I was pulled so strongly into Clara's world that I didn't want to leave. After Clara's parents passed away she went to live with her grandpa that she didn't even know she had. Losing your parents is a huge life change. Having to move across the country on top of that is unthinkable. Maybe it will be a great distraction. Considering Clara didn't know she even had family. The transition is hard. As Clara starts to get to know everyone, secrets about her mothers life start to unravel. Why did she change her name and move to America? There are things about Clara's family she is only beginning to find out about. There is a lot happening around her and she is smack dab in the middle of it. Will she ever know who and what she truly is?

I really enjoyed Sebastian. He was a very fun character to get to know. So secretive. There were times I wanted to pull him out of the book and question him myself. I can't imagine being Clara and having to wait for him to give her information. I imagine it to be very frustrating and scary at the same time. Given all the physical changes she is going through. I also hope they he is the main romantic interest for Clara. I see the high potential for the dreaded love triangle brewing though. So we will see. 

I immediately went to buy the next book but, it is not out yet! Sigh* I will have to wait for it to be released later this year. I am a terribly impatient person and I really want that book! 

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