Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life Before Damaged Volume 4 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:
Money. Power. Sex.  

Just stay away from Pete Ferro. How hard can that be? But every time I turn around the man is there with that beautiful face and those wicked lips. He pins me in place with eyes that are fifty shades of blue. I become someone else, a woman who feels alive and defiant. I'm sick of being what everyone else wants. There's a woman inside of me screaming to break free, and I know just how to release her from her bondage. Every inch of me is excited, all I have to do is follow through. 

My Review:
Can I just say THANK GOD! I knew Anthony was a creep! Volume 4 just proved me right. Gina is having a hard time after trying to make Pete jealous at dinner. Her attempt to make Anthony "happy" at the table was kind of funny. I do feel bad for Gina though. She wants so desperate to be taken seriously by her father and by Anthony. Then something she never expected to happen, happens. This is something that could seriously change her life. It would also change her relationship with her family forever. Will she take this giant leap and do something for herself for once?

I know that Gina will end up with Pete but, I want it to be like now. Anthony is an idiot and made it way to obvious that he was in the relationship for his career and nothing else. Pete at least has some good qualities. Gina and Pete need to get it on already. It will do them both some good. 

I am curious to see where this goes from here. I have a pretty good idea but, will have to read Volume 5 ASAP. This has been my favorite volume in this series so far. I think it's because there is finally some moving forward for Gina. 

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