Monday, October 20, 2014

ARC Review of Defect Part Two by Autumn Kalquist

Goodreads Summary:
I never asked them to make me this way.

The corporation that gave me superimmunity called me Protected. But then the truth came out, and I lost my freedom. I’m a genetic experiment gone wrong. 


Now the Corporate Coalition hunts me and those like me, and I’ve stayed hidden off-grid for eight years. But I can’t hide forever.

Something else is happening, something worse than every mistake made before.
And if I have to fight to survive…I’ll fight ‘til I die. 

The Corporate Coalition will never take me alive.

My Review:
This novella series is one of the best I have read. This is only the second volume and I am hooked! It draws you in right away and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Defect Part two picks up right where part one left off. The criminals who came to Selene's house and took everything they had have left trouble in their wake. Selene wants to go after them but, quickly figures out she can't. She can't leave her loved ones. When the police show up to their house. They want to take Selene in for questioning. That is a problem given what she is. A Protected. She knows she must leave her family in order to protect them. To what lengths will Selene go to protect her family? Who can she trust when so much is at stake?

Luckily for us Anders makes an appearance! When Selene needs him the most he is there to help her. He promises to help get her family away and keep them safe. Selene fees like she can trust him given what he has done for her already. I am not convinced quite yet that he is going to be able to help her but, I think he is a good guy. I will be sad if he turns out not to be! 

Unfortunately, things are far worse then they seem. The quarantine is spreading and Selene's family has been exposed to the "flu virus". One that the government says they can cure. This is not the case. The government is hiding things. They are not telling the truth about the sickness, how it was started, and how bad it is. What would you do if your family was at risk? For Selene they are in more danger then everyone else given her and Eli's Protected status. Will she be able to save her family?

I am loving this series so far. Yes, they are novellas but, I personally love them. Defect Part Two was a fast action packed read and I can't wait for the next one!! 

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