Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arabella by Nicole Sobon

Goodreads Summary:
After twenty-something years living as a weapon for Bilson Corporations, I decided that I wanted something else for my life – something more.
I wanted more. But at what cost?
I wanted to belong to the world that I had been sworn to protect, to be more than a shadow amongst the night.
But my life was not my own to control.
I have made plenty of terrible mistakes in my life, but with each mistake comes a chance to start over, to make things right. And I will see to it that I do just that.

My name is Arabella, and I am more than a weapon.

My Review:
Arabella is not your average woman. She is a science experiment with modifications to make her a weapon but, she wants more for her life. She wants to go out in the real world and finally live. Living within the confines of Bilson Corporations is suffocating. Luckily Arabella has one person who is always there for her. In the field and inside bilson Corporations. Cole is also telepathic so he also knows what's going on with Arabella. Then everything changes. One mission that does not go according to plan. Arabella's life is about to be turned upside down. Everything she knew or thought she knew about her Father and Bilson Corporations has been a lie. What lengths is she willing to go to for the truth? 

Cole was by far my second favorite character. He flirted a bit with Arabella but, nothing romantic happened between them. There was a mutual respect for each other. They were willing to go to great lengths to protect each other. They were partners when they were in the field. Cole's power allowed him to absorb Arabella's which made them a diabolical team. I loved their relationship, it was refreshing to see a girl and guy work so great together. Which is a good thing because the night they walk into the Horde head on they will need each other to survive. Will they be able to get away or is the Horde to great an adversary? 

This was a great fast read. Arabella is a strong female character that I enjoyed reading about. I know this is a stand alone but, I would love to see more from her world!

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