Sunday, October 27, 2013

ARC review of The Arrangement Vol. 11

Goodreads Summary:
Sean Ferro is my addiction. I can’t tell him no, no matter what he asks for, and I know there are so many dark questions behind those blue eyes, so many things he wants me to do with him. 

When I watch him go down on one knee, with his sexy body covered in sand, and hold up a glittering ring, I can barely stand. It looks like he’s going to propose, and I know exactly what I’m going to say.

My Review:
Ok, I have no idea how Ward continues to come out with awesome volumes for this one. Seriously, I was blown away once again with 11. Sean and Avery's lives are about to seriously change. Avery is trying to get away from Black, Sean has big plans, and not everyone will survive the storm that is coming. I guess when they say that no one really crosses Ms. Black. I have come to really like Gabe. He kind of saved Avery's ass, again. I thought 10 was the best one so far but, 11 will blow your mind. I was left with emotional whip lash like no other. I went from sad, to happy, to crushed in such a short amount of time. I'm not sure if they will survive this one. What will happen to Sean and Avery now? Does Sean propose??? 

I feel like Avery needs to grow some lady balls and tell Black off already. At least I did at the beginning of 11. I think she lets her push her around a lot and doesn't stand up for what she wants. I think Sean would be able to help her get out too. However, with what happened at the end of 11...I'm not so sure she should. Someone dies and it will change everything. What will Avery do now? I'm worried she will lose all of her nerve and never get out. There is also a super hot scene with Sean and Avery that ends rather nicely!

This series keeps getting better and better. I really enjoy them. They are short novellas that I can sit down and read in a night and they come out fast enough that I don't have to wait months or years for the next book, which I hate with a passion!  I don't know how this is going to play out now but, it should be fun to read about! The ending left me very sad and I did shed some tears. Keep up the good work Ward! 

My Reaction to the Ending

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