Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tryst series by Ella Steele (H.M. Ward's pen name) gets new covers!!!

The Tryst series by Ella Steele (H.M. Wards pen name) got some sexy new covers!!! I'm not going to lie they are AWESOME! Sooo fits this story! Just an friendly FYI this is an ADULT series not a YA series. For 18 years or older. Seriously! Here is the little blub for the series :)

Hotness Warning: This novel contains sexually explicit content that's so fricken hot that it could combust at any time. Mom, keep going. If you think sex is icky, keep going. If you want something that will knock your socks (or panties) off, stick around. 

Ashley's sex life is about to change. After a chance encounter with an old flame, it's clear that passions are still burning bright. The tame girl Michael used to know is gone. Michael is all too excited to step up and dominate, fulfilling all of Ashley's sexy dreams.

See the steamy excerpt on Amazon's description here! Click me!

TRYST Vol. 2 & 3 are on sale now.


  1. Oh my my my goodness gracious... hotness... Love the new covers!!!

  2. I know right! They are awesome!