Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Kisses by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:

This book will be 99 CENTS on release date: Dec 1, 2012

Genre: New Adult Holiday Romance
Approx. 100 pages/ 23K words.

How hard is it to NOT have sex with him? Lust has melted Holly Connelly’s brain and it’s all Ryan Darcy’s fault. He’s been ruthlessly flirting with her for the past three years. Ryan’s a sex god complete with sinful body, endless wit, and an orgasm-inducing smile. One sultry look from him will make her panties jump off her body. His endless string of one-night stands has Holly thinking she’ll be just another conquest. Since she actually has feelings for the guy, it makes it that much harder to put off his advances. When they get trapped together by a snowstorm, it’s all she can do to resist him. If Holly says yes, she’ll probably regret it. If she says no, she’ll always wonder what if.

My Review:
I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this one!! I loved the story and the romance was perfect. I think we all have had that one guy, the guy that we never thought we could have. This is how Holly feels about Ryan. They guy she has wanted for years but, he is not the type to have a girlfriend. He's more into bed buddies then actual girlfriends. It is by chance that Holly runs into Ryan at a concert. Things heat up from that point on. A snow storm has been raging outside and when Ryan offers to ride with Holly home the night takes a drastic change in events. Lets just say I have a whole new appreciation for dorm rooms. I did not know magic like that took place in dorm rooms! The romance between these two is intense. It is one that has been boiling for some time and lust like boils over in amazing ways, but for Holly more then just lust is involved. Her heart is aching for Ryan. There is also the complication of being in Texas for college while Ryan is in New York.

Ryan is your typical hot guy who wants to hit it and quit it. He comes off as a real playboy who doesn't want a relationship. He is very good at hiding his true feelings. I like how the story goes back and forth between Holly and Ryan. It lets you know how they are really feeling on the inside. The romance between them is sooo sweet too. It's the kind all women want!

I loved this story and it was during Christmas, which is my favorite time of the year so all around great! It is was one of my favorite ones from H.M. Ward. I think the romance just felt so real, like it could happen to anyone. That's what made it so good. It could have been a story about anyone. A real story! Once again I am blown away by H.M. Ward!!

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  1. I loved this book! Holly was so sassy in this book. Loved the whole playing cards and doing the booty dance in the snow. Hot read! H.M. Ward did it again!