Sunday, November 11, 2012

E-ARC review of Riptide by H.M. Ward

Amazon Summary:

A random hook-up isn't enough for Trystan, not anymore. After everything Trystan went through to tell Mari that he loves her, there is no way that he's letting her walk away without knowing how he really feels. Every mask is stripped away making Trystan completely vulnerable. Mari's the one girl he wants, that he knew he'd never have. But, the look on Mari's face--the way she kissed him--makes Trystan think that confessing his feelings was worth the risk. 

Shocked, Mari stands there staring at Trystan. As if it weren't enough that Trystan is internet super star, Day Jones, but the song he wrote was about her. That was her name on the music. It was her name etched into his heart. Trystan Scott loves her. 

Everything Mari wants is within reach. She just has to have enough guts to reach out and take it.

Book #4 in the SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT series will be out Winter 2012/ early 2013.

My Review:
This series has not let me down yet. Riptide continues right where Backdraft left off. Mari was staring down Trystan as she walked in on him singing! I know I can't believe it ended like that either!  Anyway, things seem to heat up from there. I loved the way Mari grew during Riptide. She was more confident around Trystan and didn't take any crap from Brie. You will have to read to see how that one turned out. It was interesting to see how much alike Trystan and Mari's home lives were. The fact that they didn't really want to tell each other about it was kind of cute. I can't believe it took Mari so long to break down. I expected it sooner to be honest. For the record, I strongly dislike both of their dads. They should go fishing together...seriously. They are similar in horrible ways. Mari and Trystan's lives are like a sad playlist of songs. They both put up a strong front for everyone else when inside they are broken. They are absolutely perfect for each other and don't even know it completely yet!

Trystan...what more could I possibly say about him. He is perfect. Every man should strive to be the kind of man he is growing into. He has lived a hard life and doesn't want to be known as Day Jones because of his past. He is probably the least selfish character I have ever read. His love is so pure it is beyond words. He puts on a good mask for everyone but, with Mari he can almost be himself. He is still unwilling to talk to anyone about his home situation even though it could cost him his graduation. Tucker and Mari are both there for him, he just can't talk about it. I understand why. 

Riptide ends in a crazy, what the heck just happened kind of way. I finished it hours ago and am still like....o..m..g! It has left me desperately needing the next installment. I have become so attached to these characters that I have not know how their story will end. 

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  1. 5 stars? Hmmm...maybe I should read these books. I love musicians.