Monday, August 27, 2012

Secrets (Vol. 2) by Ella Steele

Goodreads Summary:

Cole is hiding something, but Anna has no idea what. Her attraction to the wealthy artist is untamable and completely inappropriate. He's her boss. He's twice her age, but that doesn't change her feelings for him. Anna's dreams are filled with Cole doing sexy things to her—things she can't forget at sunrise. To make matters worse she has no idea if he feels the same way.

When Cole offers Anna a prestigious job at Le Femme after graduation she doesn't know what to do. If Anna takes the position she can kiss her previous career plans good-bye, but she can't walk away from Cole. Not yet.

My Review:
Ok, there is seriously something about an older man. I am really curious to know what Cole's secret is at this point. The career opportunities that Cole is offering is amazing for a new grad right out of college. I was so excited when he decided to show her his "secret work" of art. The author does a great job of describing what they looked like but, I wish I could have seen them! The cover of the books make so much more sense now! Things are heating up between Cole and Anna. Lots of sexual tension brewing! Again the book ended way to soon and  I need the next one to come out before September!

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