Sunday, July 27, 2014

ARC Review of Defect by Autumn Kalquist

Goodreads Summary:
A Legacy Code Prequel Novella Series - Coming August 1st, 2014.

Selene Hayes is one of the Protected, the first genetically-modified children to be born with superimmunity. In a time when world hunger has been vanquished, but drug-resistant diseases kill millions, she’s part of a lucky elite.

That is, until the truth comes out. Protecteds are Defective, and the ensuing public scandal endangers them all. Selene’s been forced to live off-grid for eight years, and so far, staying hidden has kept her safe.

But rumors of another failed experiment are spreading, of a fatal mistake that could destroy everything. And what’s been unleashed may be headed straight for Selene’s sanctuary.

My Review:
I am so excited for this novella series! After reading The Legacy Code, I was so curious about what happened to Earth. I have high hopes for this series to enlighten me! Selene and her family live off the grid. Her brother Eli and her Nan are self sufficient and make money by selling their home grown goods. The food now is genetically modified. They venture into town when they need something and that's about it. It is a necessity, since her and Eli are Protecteds. There genes have been modified to be immune to disease but, there is a problem. A Defect with how it was done. Secrets are being whispered. Panic is starting and it is heading straight for Selene and her family. What will they do? What can they do? They are no longer safe.

Again, this is a novella so it is short. I found myself at the end dying for more! Selene and her family are in a bad situation. There is little time to figure out what to do. If they don't have supplies they will never survive. Selene is young, soon to be 18. She has a lot on her plate. A lot of responsibility. Can she make up for a mistake she never meant to happen? Will they survive? 

I am desperate to know more! I was drawn into Selene's world and I am curious as to how this is going to play out. What is her part in all this? I am looking forward to the next installment! This novella series is going to be an amazing addition to the Legacy Code series!

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