Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Arrangement Volume 15 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:
It's hard to trust anyone anymore. Everyone is suspect. And I have no reprieve, no rest. I can't sleep after all I've been through.

Sean is slipping away, receding back into the monster he was. Alone, I'm being smothered by death's cold shroud. Too many people have died -- this ends tonight. If it kills me, so be it.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.

~The Arrangement Vol 1-15 are on sale now.~

My Review:
This volume took things to a whole new level. After Avery gave the ring back to Sean he is back to his good cold self. She gets glimpses of his softer side but, they are gone in a flash. Avery's life is still in danger after Amber's murder. So what is the best option? Send Avery with the super hot rockstar Trystan Scott! To hide her, he takes her to her to his childhood home. One that is full of bad memories for him. They are both nursing a broken heart and find comfort in each other. They are able to talk openly. Avery gets a hug! That is all she wanted from Sean. To have more of the softer side. What will happen with Trystan when inhibitions are lowered? Will Avery find the comfort she needs? 

This one has some crazy twists in turns. We get to know Trystan in his dark moments but, also in the highest. On stage he is almost happy. It was very interesting to see Trystan. I am so excited for his book! I need to know what happened to that man because it must have been traumatic. It's crazy how these volumes get better and better. I am hooked! 

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