Monday, May 5, 2014

Released from the Darkness by Gabrielle Arrowsmith

Goodreads Summary:
Two young seeksmen are dead, and Sydney blames herself. The only way to get her sister back from the county's clutches, while also preventing more death, was to offer her own life in exchange for Evvie's freedom.

She expected a dreadful end, but nothing like the prison in which she wakes. Agonizing county life is redefined in Neo-Necropolis, new city of the dead, which lies beneath the earth. Worse than being allegedly deceased, is the false identity Sydney is forced to assume where Evvie, Sheridan's captain, and Crewe never existed.

Sydney alone knows the magnitude of the county's evildoings inside, outside, and now below. At only eighteen, the responsibility to defend freedom falls solely on her tried and tested shoulders—a burden that requires desperate action when a catastrophic revelation upends the world as she knew it. 

The people Sydney cares for are more vulnerable than ever. Though she's buried underground and monitored by county agents, she must escape this new captivity. Maybe it's time to fight fire with fire. Sydney has proven her courage in facing their weapons, but can she trigger her own?

My Review:
Sydney has been through a lot. She has basically given up her life and freedom to take her sisters place. Neo-Necropolis is a prison that you never get to leave. People who are there no longer exist to the outside world. Sydney is doing her best to learn how to live here. She has been beaten down and is now afraid and alone. She slowly finds friends in this new environment. People who have a plan. A plan to escape. This is no easy task though. Can Sydney trust these strangers? Did she really know the people from outside the wall like the thinks she did? A war is starting. Which side will she stand on?

A lot of my favorite characters re-appear. I don't want to give to much away but, one man specifically I was excited to see back. We are also introduced to new ones. Most of which I liked. 

Sydney has been through a lot. She is forever a changed person. There is a little romance in this one but, nothing huge. You definitely know who she has feelings for. This story definitely has a real feel to it. You don't just get good vs. evil. You get full out war and people die on both sides. The good guys will lose people too. It is time for Sydney and those she loves to prepare for war. 

This book was very fast pace and keeps you interested. so much happens in this one that I never expected. People are not as they seem and there are a lot of questions that need answering. You definitely need to read the first book first obviously. Otherwise you will miss out on a lot of information. 

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