Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is Love Vol. 1 by Nicole Sobon

Goodreads Summary:

IS LOVE is novelette series set in a world where natural love is forbidden. Girls are to be matched by the council in order to build a desirable society. Those who violate the Caiden Act are sentenced to live in the outer compounds, where the only thing that can save them is love.

There are a total of three novelettes, each around 10k words.

Volume 1 will release on January 21st, 2013.
Volume 2 will release on February 21st, 2013.
Volume 3 will release on March 21st, 2013.

My Review:
Is Love turned out to be quite different then I thought it would. This novelette is a quick action packed read. It takes place in a world where natural love is basically forbidden. Ridley and Kieran found love and tried to keep it hidden. Sadly, they were found out. The novelette starts out at Ridley's trial where they sentence her to two years in the compound.  The compounds are a place where people go to be punished. Sometimes they come back and sometimes they do but, they aren't the same. But, when Ridley arrives things are not as they seem to the rest of the world at the compounds. Kieran sadly is at a detention center which is known as a place of torture to the people. Ridley grapples with feelings of guilt and a broken heart. Will Ridley end up with her brain wiped and no memory of what true love can fee like? Or is there a way out?

Roslyn is Ridley's roommate in compound one. She fills Ridley in on what is really going on at the compounds. Memories are being wiped that way people can go back to Caiden and live their life again. The only problem is it hadn't been working. Jolene had the opposite reaction. Her memories were made stronger and she would do anything to get out. She ended up killing people. Ridley decides she needs to see this girl. However, on their way to break in something goes wrong. The Compound is now under attack and they have very little time to get away. That's where it ended! I have no idea what will happen next!

I can't wait for Vol 2. I am so glad that they are coming out monthly! It will be interesting to see how this story plays out!

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