Sunday, June 30, 2013

Demons Forever by Sarra Cannon

Goodreads Summary:
Harper has come so far from her life as a foster child. She never imagined what her future would hold when she was first brought to the small town of Peachville. Since that day she’s faced great evil, found some of the answers she’s been looking for, and fallen deeply, madly in love. But her biggest challenge and her greatest lessons are still ahead of her.

Despite living in the safety of her father’s castle in the shadow world, Harper knows there is a storm brewing just beyond the dome. Priestess Winter will never rest until she gets the Order’s blue ring back, and Jackson won’t let her forget they now hold the key to Aerden’s future.

When an unexpected visitor from Peachville arrives at the castle, bleeding and near death, his story brings Harper to her knees. Someone she loves has been kidnapped and it’s time for her to make a choice. Stay in the safety of the domed city? Or go back to the place where it all began?

My Review:
This is the final book in this series. I am sad to see it end but, wow did this book pack a punch! Full of action, heartache and life changing decisions. Harper finally gets to meet and spend time with her Father and within minutes of getting to the castle they are attacked. Harper's life is going in a downward spiral unless decisions are made. She has to choose between the safety of the Dome or helping the enslaved demons and innocent humans in Peachville. There are a lot of discussions about how this will be done. 

We finally get to find out who Harper's sister is!! Priestess Winters is also a lot crazier and heartless then I thought. So many answers come to light during Demons Forever. A lot of it is kind of shocking. I didn't see it coming. Such great writing in order to put it all together! Harper needs to deal with her enemies otherwise her and her loved ones will never be safe. Will Harper survive the biggest battle of her life? Can she learn to wield her demon and witch magic? Will her and her friends survive?

Jackson remains the loyal loving boyfriend. He is there for Harper and helps her when she needs it the most. I felt kind of bad for Harper when he was talk about Lea but, I think he was just being nice. He and Harper are perfect for each other. They will give their lives for each other. Will they end up happy and together forever? You will have to read and wait for Jackson's drawing!

The other characters are great! I loved Mary Anne and Essex are great! They were their for Harper when she truly needed them. We also get to see a bit of Zara and Lark again. I really enjoyed Harper's Father too. He had a lot on his plate but, in the end did what he thought was right.

These books have been an amazing ride. I am so sad that the series is over. It is one of my favorites. I recommend you pick this one up!!

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