Thursday, May 30, 2013

COVER REVEAL!! The Arrangement 8 by H.M. Ward

***Vol 8 is NOT the last book in the series.***
Here is some info from the author that was posted on her facebook page!

Vol 3, 4, & 5 have been added in paperback and will appear on Amazon shortly.

Sean Ferro appears in DAMAGED 2 and STRIPPED

DAMAGED 2 and ARRANGEMENT storylines criss cross. If you read both--you're gonna  it. If you didn't, you don't have to but you're missing out. Pst - DAMAGED 1 is 99 cents today and features Ferro brother #2- Kindle: Http://

STRIPPED is about the youngest Ferro brother, Jonathan and also tangles with THE ARRANGEMENT story line.

There are no repeated scenes b/t books. If you read all three series, you see different sides of Seans, Avery, and the others.

ARRANGEMENT 7 is on the New York Times this week

Release Date-ish: Around the 20th

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  1. The covers don't do it for me. These series are sooo good! Love the characters and the Ferro Brothers stories. So far this is so much better than Damaged 1&2 but its getting too long I hope she ends it soon. Two more books only !! (hint)