Thursday, March 7, 2013

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

Goodreads Summary:
“I'm not sure what possessed me to do it. Maybe it was the impossible expectations I faced, maybe it was my own self-loathing. But I just knew I needed something different to happen. I needed derail me from my current path. Otherwise, I would become lost...a hollowed out shell of a man. So I did it. I approached her, then I pursued her, then I made her mine. And my life was saved...”

Ryan Burnham is the privileged son of a U.S. Congressman and captain of his university’s hockey team. While he is on the verge of fulfilling his dreams to play in the NHL, his parents want him on a different course. One he is expected to accept for the sake of his family’s public image.

Forced her to abandon her music career after the heart breaking death of her parents, Danny Cross exists on the opposite side of the tracks from Ryan. She is struggling to make her own way, working two jobs, attending college part time and volunteering in a homeless shelter. She is on a mission to build her own success.

With a chance meeting, their vastly different worlds collide, causing each to evaluate whether they are truly on the correct path to self-fulfillment and happiness. Can their relationship survive? Particularly when others are against them every step of the way. A lot can happen in just ten short days...

My Review:
Well as you all know I am a hockey NUT! So books with hockey in them are kind of a given. The author asked if I'd review Off Sides and I was like um yes! I read this book in 2 days. I really got into it. I loved the way it went between Danny and Ryan's point of view. I really like books that do that. We get to know more about each of the characters. Ryan is the rich jock who has rich friends. Some of them are decent and some are your typical snobby rich kids. Ryan meets Danny when he and his friends go to the diner she works at. She's not  your typical match for Ryan. She has purple tipped hair and facial piercings but, Ryan is instantly attracted to her. Things for Ryan and Danny get off to a rough start. They work through some of it but, lets face it they are from different social crowds and this leads to some awkward moments. Danny seems like a genuinely great person. I felt bad for her during certain points. When Angeline talked to her and Ryan's Mom. Just awful. I really enjoyed the book and I would recommend it. 

Ryan changed through this book. I think Danny changes him. For the better of course. He has been a victim of his own family his whole life. Danny helps free him from that. Ryan's family is all about impressions. They care so much about what other people think of them that it seriously wrecks them. His Mom is a piece of work. He turns out to be a pretty awesome guy. Oh yea, and he's the captain of the college hockey team. Which is huge!! Well in my eyes anyway. His parents never really wanted him to pursue that dream. They want him to be a lawyer. Danny helps his see that his dreams matter. Danny has some secrets of her own and has her own family stuff too. They are kind of perfect for each other. However, something tears them apart. Ryan is in trouble with the law and Danny does whats necessary to save him. Will it mean the end of their relationship?? Of each others dreams?

I really enjoyed this story and if you like romance/hot guys/hockey then this books is for you. 

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