Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Life Before Damaged Vol. 2 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:
Guilt ravages me, swallowing me whole. It steals my sleep and knots my stomach. I was the princess, the perfect Granz heiress, but no longer. That part of my life went up in flames, taking my future with it.  

What remains is a shadow, a girl with no future and a terrible secret. There's only one soul who knows the extent of my sins, and I can't shake his beautiful face from my mind. The memories of being near him that night are charged. They linger, but going after Pete is like trying to catch smoke in my hand.  

The pull toward this sexy man is unreal, and that's what I keep telling myself—the Pete Ferro I saw that night doesn't exist. There is no poet, no philosopher, no artist. He's a player and I’m his newest toy.  

My Review:
Gina is struggling with what almost happened the night Peter rescued her from the fire. She feels like she has to tell her boyfriend what happened. Which she should I suppose. His reaction is completely different then I thought it would be. I feel like he doesn't even care about Gina. That he is just staying with her in order to keep her dad happy and keep his scholarship. Gina is pretty alone in all this and still living with her parents. She can't seem to get Peter out of her mind. In my opinion it is time to dump her boyfriend, get out of her parents house, and move on with her own life. Instead of doing what is expected of her and living for someone else! The whole situation with the fire has become way worse too. Will Gina be able to keep the secret from her dad that she threw the rave? 

Peter showed his soft side when he walked away from Gina and she was ready to give it to him. It shows how he really is. I think their relationship would/will be explosive. Like it or not the Ferro's are a dangerous family and adding another heiress to the mix could lead to trouble. Gina's boyfriend needs to take a hike. I am convinced after this one that he does not love her and is simply there. I honestly think he's having a fling with someone at the hospital. There is no conformation of this but, I think its happening! 

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. We know very little about Peter's past so answers will be great.

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