Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Proposition Vol. 5 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:
Blackmail. Sex. Ferro. 

Time is my enemy and I won’t waste another second. I have a choice to make: a life with Neil or what’s left of life with Bryan. I make my decision, but could lose everything when the one Ferro I never want to see interferes. I feel like my life is spiraling out of control, but this could lead to what I’ve been searching for all along—hope. 

Genre: New Adult Romance 

This concludes a story unfolded over five volumes of approx. 125 pages each.

My Review:
OMG, volume 5 hits you right where it hurts. If you thought the Ferro's were invisible you are incorrect. I love that these volumes are 125 pages. I read this one in a matter of hours and couldn't put it down. Ward keeps you on the edge of your seat each and every time! By this point we all know that Bryan is really sick and doesn't think he has much time to live. Hallie is really broken up by this. She finally gets him back only to find out she's going to lose him. Ugh, and I love Bryan! He is one of my favorite Ferro's. I have said it before, Hallie is one of my favorite leads for Ward's books. She is strong and it really showed in this book. When Bryan's aunt and family find out about his condition a team of doctors are called in to decide his fate. Will Bryan and Hallie get more time or will his days be cut short? 

This book wasn't as much sex and lust as the others. It was very caring and emotional. Well, at least it was for me. I cried....Hallie gets to spend most of the time with Bryan until a ghost from her past starts to haunt her. This ghost
wants to kill her for what she has done. Hallie makes a decision that may end badly for her. Will she make it out alive? Will her and Bryan get years or days?

I loved this series and I am sad to see it end with 5. Be prepared because this one is so loving and sad that your going to need tissues. It hits you right in the feels. The ending does open up another story line that I hope is followed...like really really hope! It was a bitter sweet ending but, it did fit with the story. 

And some GIF's to describe my feelings in picture...

But, then at the end

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