Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Arrangement #5 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:

Avery’s emotions are fried, but she doesn’t have to think twice about her BFFs Marty and Mel. They mean everything to her. They’re the family she doesn’t have. In a crisis, they’re the people to have by her side, and God knows this is a crisis. Friends like that are worth their weight in gold.

If only things with Sean were so simple. Regret is something that is impossible to subdue. There are still things to be said, things to do. Life is too short to live in the past, but when Avery wakes up at the hospital she finds that her world has changed.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each

My Review:
The Arrangement 5 picks up after the accident in volume 4. I waited so long to see what happened after the crash!! I honestly thought that this would be the turning point for Sean. That he would finally see how much he cared for Avery. He seems to just be back to his old ways. Avery now is saddles with crazy hospital bill due to her little accident. So what would you do if you had no money and now have to worry about the hospital bills because your not insured??? Continue working for Black of course! I feel so bad for Avery. I feel like she honestly has no other options and that is really to bad. I think she is an amazing and independent woman who is in a bad situation. Her "friendship" with Sean is tricky because of the immense sexual tension between the two. They have some hot hot moments! I found myself blushing during this one! I hope that Sean pulls his head out of his butt soon or Avery will not wait around for him. 

I really enjoy Marty. I have said that before. He has to be one of the funniest characters I have read about. He brings a dash of comedy to bad situations. Great comic relief! I liked Mel for most of this book too. She seems like she has been there for Avery through a lot!

I don't even know what to say about Sean...He tells Avery that he is going to continue seeing hookers while she is working for Black. I mean it makes sense. Avery will be sleeping with other people for her job. He has   such a commitment issue and will not do the sexual things he likes to Avery. I am curious how messed up his sexual preferences are. I hope we get to find out! I just want to slap him upside the head and shake him. He needs to wake up!!

The ending of this book left me in shock. My mouth was hanging open and everything. You will never see it coming!! 

This is literally what I did when I finished volume 6. I will set up the scene for you. The Doritos have been stolen from the goat. This has nothing to do with the book itself. It was just my reaction haha!

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  1. HA HA HA! The goat was an excellent edition to this blog post. :) U crack me up.