Friday, October 19, 2012

ARC Review of Catalyst (Vampire Apocalypse #2) by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:

Blood is power. Since the world froze and the humans died off, blood has become scarce. There’s barely enough to sustain the vampire population, even though their masses have dwindled. Many vampires are reduced to the measly few drops of blood rationed to them by the Regent, which is enough to keep them alive, barely. It’s survival; an undesirable existence.

Before the world froze, before the humans slaughtered each other in their wars, blood was ample and rich. The odds of feeding from an infected human, one with weakened blood, was rare, but now it is normal. Every human within the palace walls is anemic. Though they tried, the Regent was not able to curb the severity of the disease. Their humans became sickly, growing weaker and weaker until they were so fragile that a single scrape could kill them.

The weakened blood means an unstable source of food, but there have been other repercussions—things no one saw coming. As time passed, fangs retreated, reflections appeared, and light was no longer destructive. Vampires can now walk in the full sunlight without turning to ash. Too many generations have passed. Many vampires cannot remember a time when blood flowed richly, when vampires did not have to abstain and endure a slow starvation.

One human can change everything. One human can restore the old ways and return vampires to their former glory—Kahli—but the girl escaped. Blood is power, and the vampire who finds Kahli first will have all the power.

IF you haven't read Bane (Book #1) then this review may contain spoilers for you! Sorry!

My Review:
Since Bane was my favorite vampire book for 2012 I was highly anticipating the sequel Catalyst. I was sooo excited to get an ARC!! I feel like the story was written so well. Very put together. In other words, Catalyst was awesome! It picks up where Bane left off. Kahli and Will have escaped and are trying to recover from the crash. I love that Kahli and Will had to talk about their relationship. It turned out different then I thought. But, I loved Will in Bane and was glad that they finally had some time to figure things out. Kahli's view of Will has changed since Bane. I think she is staring to understand him a little more. They also had to figure out what they plan was. Go back to the palace? Continue running? Or kill some vampires?? 

Kahli is still the kick butt heroine in every form of the word. A fierce fighter, who cares for the human race and saving her friends. Even if it means she may not live. Heroine is the perfect word to describe Kahli. She's not an annoying girl who has to chose between who she will love or which clothes to wear for the day. She has to try to stay alive from day to day. It's like a breath of fresh air reading her story! Finally someone worthy of being a heroine!!!! Cassie turns out to have a pretty kick butt streak too! 

I still love Will. He risked a lot to save Kahli numerous times. We get to learn a little more about Will's back story in Catalyst. Woohoo! Turns out he has some secrets! As do a majority of the characters in this series. Which is awesome! I love how the story is in different character perspectives too. You really get to know how every feels. Which also lead to finding out more secrets. The other young man I was taken with was Cole. I found myself really enjoying his parts of the story as well. He seems like a really great guy. Given the state of the world. Now his secret is a mind blower! And trust me, saying that is not a spoiler. You have no idea...seriously. I was like O_O NO WAY! Celticad turns out to be a pretty cool bad guy. Anyone who can stand up to the King like that is pretty awesome. Even if he's on the wrong team. I just had to say that. 

If you couldn't tell by my review, this one is a must read!!! Just like the first book I enjoyed Catalyst a lot! Yes, this still remains my favorite vampire series of the year!! If you are looking for a different kind of vampire book with a twist then this is it.

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