Friday, April 13, 2012

The Calling (Darkness Rising #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Goodreads Summary:
Maya and her friends--all of whom have supernatural powers--have been kidnapped after fleeing from a forest fire they suspect was deliberately set, and after a terrifying helicopter crash they find themselves pursued by evildoers in the Vancouver Island wilderness.

May contain slight spoilers in this review. Just an FYI!

My Review:
I was sucked into this book instantly! Of course I am biased because I have loved the books in the previous series as well as the first one in this series. The plot picked up right where The Gathering left off in the helicopter. Things go wrong pretty quick on during this evacuation. The helicopter then crashes, most of them escape however some do not. You will have to read to find out who!

Eventually they start to realize that they are different and that there are companies that know this. They literally have to run for their lives as friends are lost along the way.  I felt like Maya was a real person during this book. It took her a little bit of thinking to come up with a plan, it didn't just instantly come to her. She was afraid and frantic at times that affected her ability to think. I liked that, it made her feel more like a real person that was scared and sad about her friends. She was a very strong young woman who faced some pretty bad situations. She is one of my favorite female characters.

Corey's abilities proved to be quite interesting. It here are still a lot of questions without answers. I hope they come in the later books. You can defiantly tell how it is tying into The Darkest Powers series too! I can't wait until they come together! Should be interesting!

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  1. Gah! I still haven't read The Calling. It's been out for months but I always manage to read something else instead.