Monday, March 14, 2016

ARC Review of Last Heartbreak by H.M. Ward and Melanie Bussière

Goodreads Summary:
When a hot guy with blazing blue eyes and a sexy smirk saves my ass and covers up my sins, I know I'm screwed. He's poor, and is probably morally deprived like every other ass I've attracted recently. 

I admit it. I'm a moron magnet. If the guy's a dick, then he sweeps me off my feet and promptly stabs me in the back. Billionaires are all the same. I've fallen for loser after loser, which earned me the classy reputation of being easy. I'm easy on the eyes, easy to bed. 

But no one knows the truth, no one knows the events that forced me into the ledge of that elite NYC hotel--no one except that strapped, hot waiter. 

Now I have to figure out if he's an ally or an enemy. I need a friend, a real one, and not some jerk who's after my money or my name. But If I make the wrong choice, it'll destroy me. 

The ledge high above the city was only the beginning. No one can help me now. I'm on my own.

My Review:
This book is not your typical H.M. Ward book. It was different and I loved it! Kienna is not a normal girl. She was born into a life of privilege. Most people would want this, would be lucky to have it. Kienna is not this person. Her parents are awful. I mean the worst. They have used her and abused her for her whole life. She is an object to further their wealth and nothing more. I felt for her so much. To live a life like that...I can't even imagine. What I can imagine is why she was up on that ledge. Lucky for her, her knight is shining armor needed a smoke right at that moment. Graham was orphaned at a young age. He thinks he can help Kienna to see her worth. How can you find love when you don't love yourself? Will Kienna learn that her life matters or will she live in this hell forever?

My favorite secondary character was Lori. She was awesome. Her nickname for Graham is the cutest thing ever. She is a great comic relief in a book with a lot of serious topics. She brings a light into Kienna's life that has been missing forever. 

I loved the relationship between Kienna and Graham. It is not the typical I want to hump your face lust that we usually get. I mean it's pretty obvious that these two are attracted to each other. It is more like a slow boil. Built on the most beautiful of friendships. Kienna needs a friend. A good friend. One that isn't going to use her or go after her money. Unfortunately for Kienna, Graham has secrets. Secrets that will mortify Kienna. It is so refreshing to read a book where people start as friends and build to more. 

This book involves a lot of series topics. Both physical and verbal abuse are in the forefront. It takes a very strong person to give up everything for the life they deserve. This is a must read people.  

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