Friday, February 19, 2016

ARC Review of Over You by H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo

Goodreads Summary:
A contemporary retelling of Pride & Prejudice by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo. 

Charming. Sexy. Rich. William Darcy is the triple threat that should make any woman twerk on sight. He’s everything a woman could want—a beautiful billionaire with sad eyes and a crooked smile. Woman try to lick him on sight, he’s that yummy. Well, unless that woman is Beth Bennet. Her panties don’t drop for anyone, unless there’s love, so a guy like Will Darcy doesn’t stand a chance. 

Being shoved up the socialite ladder in New York City chafes so Beth goes to college as far away as possible, but when her father gets sick she finds herself right back where she started—stuck together with a bronzed god who hates her. 

The prideful will fall to ruin. 

Their prejudice will be their undoing. 

And William Darcy will be the first to fall, Beth is certain of that.

My Review:
This is by far my favorite re-telling of Pride and Prejudice. This book pulled me right out of my book funk! Elizabeth Bennet is an awesome character. She has had an interesting life. Not the easiest. She has so much love for her family even if her mother is kind of cold. She has always been there for them. Now with her father falling ill she must go home from college for her family. What she does not expect is to find a man she is interested in. William Darcy is not an easy guy to get to know. He has a very icy exterior. He is confident in himself and it takes a while to chip away that icy facade. One thing is for sure, William and Elizabeth have serious chemistry. Will they work well together or will their pride and prejudice's get in the way?

The family dynamics were so fun to read about. Beth's mom was an interesting character. She changed a lot through the course of this one. I think for the better too. Beth's sisters were awesome and very fun to read about. Beth's dad was also great. He was the stone of the family hat kept the family grounded. 

The relationship between Beth and William is an interesting one. They are hot and cold and back and forth. I guess it's true when they say opposites attract. I love the bickering back and forth between them. It really makes the relationship. I think Beth really brings out William's emotions and he doesn't like it. She makes him vulnerable and that is not ok with him. He has this outer exterior that he tries to keep so strong. I love how Beth broke him down and made him feel something. Those moments of weakness for him that left Beth breathless were the best. So much sexual frustration. I loved it! 

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone. It was a great and quick read. Any fan of romance and re-tellings will love it. Pick this one up guys!!

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