Saturday, November 1, 2014

ARC Review of The Arrangement Vol. 17 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads Summary:
There are choices that change a life forever. I know with complete certainty my life would have been very different if I'd chosen another path. But I didn't. I chose Sean. In the moments he's missing, the remnants of my world crumble. Peter is a pillar of strength, but he's still a Ferro through and through. If I don't go after Marty alone, I risk Peter reverting to the man he once was. If I do go alone, I may never come back. My life pivots on a pinhead, forcing me again to choose between logic and love.

My Review:
This story took a turn that I seriously was blindsided by. I thought I knew where this series was going but, boy was I wrong. Now the possibilities are endless. Avery is caught in the middle of something that goes back before she was born. With her mother. Who was involved with someone with a very dangerous lifestyle. Avery has found the documents that could move her up in the world. Not to a place where most people would want to be but, Avery has changed. She is a different person now with different goals. Can she get to this position or will she die in the process? 

Avery and Sean. God I love them but, Sean needs to pull his head out of his ass and just be with Avery. Whether he is "what he needs" or not. Not being with her is clearly more dangerous them being with her. He needs to save her from herself because at this point I think she would die for him. to be honest I think that is where this will all end. Someone is going to die especially with where we are at now. I just want a happy ending for these two. Whatever happy is. They have been through enough! 

This volume has opened up a whole new story line. One that I never pictured but, I could see it happening. Only with Sean's help of course. I don't think Avery could do it herself. They belong together on the top and I hope that's how it ends. Fingers crossed!!!

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