Sunday, February 5, 2012

Darkest Powers Bonus Pack by Kelley Armstrong

Amazon Summary:
Contains three companion stories to the #1 NYT bestselling Darkest Powers trilogy.

Dangerous (prequel to The Summoning) The story of how Derek and Simon came to Lyle House, told from Derek’s point-of-view

Divided (set between The Summoning and The Awakening) Derek and Simon’s adventures while separated from Chloe and Rae in the factory. Also told from Derek’s point of view.

Disenchanted (overlaps part of The Awakening) Simon and Tori continue their journey after Chloe and Derek are left at the truck stop. Told from Tori’s point of view.

Please note: these are stories, not novels. Combined, they equal half the length of a Darkest Powers novel.

My Review:
I was so excited to see this bonus pack out. I loved The Darkest Powers series! It was the second YA series I read and I instantly fell in love with it. I really enjoyed Chloe. She was an awesome character.  I was so sad when the trilogy ended . I have enjoyed the Darkness Rising series so far and am looking forward to The Calling. I was excited to hear that the Darkest Powers series may not be done that the author just needed a break from the characters. 

The bonus pack helped set up a lot of important parts of the book. I really liked learning a bit more about how Derek and Simon ended up at Lyle house. It was nice to hear some of the story from Derek’s point of view. .He  was kind of hard to get a read on in the series and it was nice to hear his perspective on things. It was also nice to hear a little from Tori’s point of view. It just helped to better understand the characters.

 I hope we hear more about them in the future and get to enjoy stories with these characters and the bonus pack was really nice to break up the wait time. 

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  1. Agreed! :D The Darkest Powers is one of my favorite YA series. I just love Derek and Chloe! <
    I don't know if you heard yet but the characters from The Darkest Powers might return at the end of the Darnkness Rising series. Or so I have heard... :D
    Great review!